About Us

Who We are?

Thempson Biotechnology, in cooperation with ACTV Biotechnology, develop natural and effective solutions for cosmetic problems and produce innovative, multifunctional high-quality active ingredients by using the miraculous potency of plants with our expertise in plant biotechnology, technological and innovative infrastructure, and the team who is expert in their own field.

We use sustainable plant biotechnology methods that minimize plant and water use by using precious plants with important activities in order to “Protect the Ecosystem”, which is our most important priority.

In addition, our company is the first company in Turkey that has a biotechnological production facility where valuable plants are converted into the most efficient active ingredients with its unique methods to develop active ingredients for the cosmetics industry using the 'Plant Stem Cell' technology.

While developing cosmetic active ingredients from plants with our dynamic Research and Development team, which has important competencies in different fields, besides that we also carry out Research and Development studies for the biotechnological production of pharmaceutical active ingredients. And by following new scientific developments, we continue to develop different scientific solutions to biological problems.

Our Skills

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Our amazing team.

We could not do our success without this girls and men. They are just fantastic!

Our clients.

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